Central US Infill Portfolio_Propriété à vendre
Central US Infill Portfolio_Propriété à vendre
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Central US Infill Portfolio

Description du portefeuille

Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), as exclusive advisor to ownership, has been retained to market for sale the fee-simple interest in the Central U.S. Infill Portfolio, a nine-building, 818,649 square foot industrial package located in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Dallas (the “Offering”, the “Properties”, or the “Portfolio”). The Portfolio’s infill positioning offers immediate access to major interstates and/or arterials that connect users to downtown metros and provides direct entry to large labor pools and rooftops. This high-performing, light industrial and distribution Portfolio is 96% leased to 40 tenants with a weighted average tenure of nearly 11 years, demonstrating the value of the Properties’ location and functionality through its committed tenancy. The rent roll features 3.4 years of WALT and 21.9% below-market in-place rents, providing investors with a stabilized cash flow and a near-term mark-to-market yield enhancement opportunity. Additionally, future ownership has the potential to convert 64% of legacy modified gross lease structures to triple net leases driving additional long-term value creation.

The Portfolio presents a favorable mix of shallow bay and light industrial properties, facing minimal new competition as only 0.1 - 0.3% of existing stock was delivered in the latest cycle. This has led to a significant tightening in the market, with a decrease of 640 basis points in the vacancy rate since 2012, culminating in a historically low vacancy rate of 4.4% for the U.S. shallow bay inventory. With suite sizes and bay depths suitable for both single and multi-tenant occupancy, the Properties draw the attention of users in a wide range of industries, such as third-party logistics, building supply companies, and service providers, among others. Further, the diverse range of tenant businesses helps to alleviate any concerns regarding

over-exposure to a downturn in a single industry. Under the stewardship of a best-in-class owner, the Portfolio remains competitively positioned providing downside protection to economic disruptions or functional obsolescence by appealing to the widest potential user audience.



Superficie du bâtiment brute
76 055 mètres carrés
96 %
3.4 années
Central US Infill Portfolio (3 Propriétés)
Central US Infill Portfolio (3 Propriétés)


Points forts de l'investissement

  • The Portfolio is comprised of nine (9) market meeting assets positioned with immediate access to major interstates and/or arterials that connect users to downtown metros and their major transportation

  • The Portfolio’s rent roll demonstrates strong commitments, boasting 10.9 years of weighted average tenure across its 40 tenants

  • The Offering is 96% leased with 3.4 years WALT remaining presenting investors with a stabilized, growing cash flow with the ability to enhance yields in the near term through its 21.9% mark-to market opportunity

  • Positioned in prime industrial locations that offer excellent access to labor and rooftops in each market, respectively

  • Entry opportunity into a stable shallow bay user demand market which has averaged 250 million SF of leases signed per year over the past 12 years

Central US Infill Portfolio 4_Propriété à vendre
Central US Infill Portfolio 4_Propriété à vendre

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