Cais do Lugan_Immobilie zu verkaufen
Cais do Lugan_Immobilie zu verkaufen
Cais do Lugan, S. Pedro da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, 4400-492, PT

Cais do Lugan


JLL is pleased to present Cais do Lugan, a stunning hospitality development opportunity in the Douro riverbank, Vila Nova de Gaia.

Taking advantage of its riverside location and leveraging on its rich history, the plot allows for a unique contemporary project that benefits from splendid views of the Douro river and a panoramic overview of Porto.

With a total of 3,640 sqm of plot area and several buildings to redesign and reconstruct, the property has an approved PIP for the construction of a 161-unit hotel or aparthotel (5-star or 4-star classification) with 9,727 sqm of GCA above ground and 1,898 sqm of balconies and terraces. Nonetheless, the municipality’s general Masterplan (“PDM”) discloses a diverse set of potential uses, including residential, retail and services.



Anzahl der Einheiten
161 Einheiten
Gebäudefläche Brutto
9.727 m²



Riverside, unique location in Vila Nova de Gaia, with splendid, panoramic views over the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto and Douro.

9,727-sqm GCA project with a differentiated concept: a unique and historically rich 161-room hotel establishment, in a growing hospitality market. 

Potential to develop a perfectly integrated hospitality solution, creating a new urban front cohesive with the green surrounding landscape. 

Approved PIP – Quicker time to market and reduced licensing risk.

Cais do Lugan 4_Immobilie zu verkaufen
Cais do Lugan 4_Immobilie zu verkaufen

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