Dirranbandi, QLD, AU

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Hooloovale – Ooraine – Somerset

Dirranbandi, QLD

  • Unique mixed-farming portfolio comprising Hooloovale, Ooraine & Somerset situated within the Balonne Region of Queensland
  • Progressively acquired over 48 years and thoughtfully developed to a high standard in all facets (irrigation/dryland/grazing)
  • A diverse yet productive mix of soil types comprising predominantly black/grey coolibah plains well-grassed with mitchell, bluegrass and seasonal herbages (in season) interspersed with brown/red responsive soils throughout
  • Hooloovale (6,144*Ha) situated upstream of Cubbie Station features 471*Ha of irrigation underpinned by substantial water resources and upgraded pumping infrastructure (2023) along with extensive controlled flood out grazing areas (suitable for potential dryland/irrigation development)
  • Hooloovale is the only irrigation development west of the Culgoa River providing greater reliability (by district standards)
  • 458*Ha of cotton currently planted with ample water in storage and can be included in the sale
  • Ooraine (6,777*Ha) developed to grazing with a unique balance of soil types and fit-for-purpose infrastructure for both sheep and cattle
  • Somerset (5,258*Ha) exhibits substantial dryland farming areas (1,295*Ha) and grazing with ample scope for expansion
  • Select plant and equipment and livestock available for purchase 



For sale in one line or as separate assets by Expression of Interest closing 16 March 2023 at 4pm AEST (if not sold prior). 

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Dirranbandi 4_Immobilie zu verkaufen

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