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Windsor Royal Station, PM+

Windsor Royal Station Jubilee Arch, Windsor, SL4 1PJ, UK

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The Grade II listed building was originally built for the exclusive use of the royal family

» The partially covered shopping centre was converted from part of the old central railway station built in the 1850s

» In 1997 additional units were built in a complementary style, and waiting rooms and left luggage stores were converted to modern shop units

» The centre has 5 entrances, including direct access from the train station into the scheme

» Comprises an income generating car park to the rear with 55 parking spaces for tenants

» 3 trains arrive in to the station every hour, each having a capacity of 300 seats


Building Area
13.192 m²


Term: 99 years from 14 Aug 1996, with option to renew for

further 60 years + option for further 41 years

» Rent: Current rent the higher of £145,250 pa or 8.41% of income

less allowed expenditure + 50% of the car park income less

allowed expenditure

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