225 East 25th Street_販売物件
225 East 25th Street_販売物件
225 East 25th Street, New York, NY, 10010, US

225 East 25th Street


JLL has been retained on an exclusive basis to arrange for the sale of 225 East 25th Street, a 25’ five story walk-up building located on the North side of East 25th Street between Second and Third Avenues. Comprised of 9,920 gross sf. ft. above grade, the apartments feature efficient layouts with 15 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom units are ideal for share style living while the one bedroom will attract couples or single tenants. The property has been owned and maintained by private ownership for over 20 years. Purchasers will have the opportunity to add value and increase future cash flows though unit renovations, cosmetic common area upgrades and the addition of additional tenant amenities. 


The property is comprised of 20 apartments of which 17 (85%) are Free Market, one is Rent Stabilized with a Pref. rent and two are Rent Stabilized. The Free-Market units are renting for an average $2,541 /month, the Rent Stabilized pref. are leasing for $2,044/ month, the Rent Stabilized units are averaging $1,056 per month. 



20 単位
建物面積 グロス
922 平方メートル



  • 85% Free Market
  • Value-Add Via Unit Renovations, Cosmetic Upgrades & Tenant Amenities
  • Long Term Private Ownership (20+ Yrs)
  • Ground Floor Basement Duplex Opportunity
  • Under-utilized rear yard
  • Desirable location for young professionals


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