Centria - Glendale, AZ _판매용 부동산
Centria - Glendale, AZ _판매용 부동산
5734 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85301, US

Centria - Glendale, AZ

자산 설명

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. (“JLL”) is pleased to offer for sale the fee simple interest in the newly renovated Centria Healthcare autism therapy center located at 5734 W Glendale Avenue, Glendale, Arizona (the “Property”).

Comprising 13,304 square feet, the Property has been strategically selected and purpose-built for Centria Healthcare (“Centria” or the “Tenant”) to operate an Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) autism therapy facility as part of its established operations serving pre-school age children. At the Property, Centria has committed to a brand new 14-year absolute NNN lease, demonstrating its long-term commitment to serving the Greater Phoenix market.

The site is located in Glendale's historical district with frontage along Glendale Avenue just off of Grand Avenue (Highway 60), which provides for strong connectivity throughout Phoenix. The Property is within 15-minute drive of 800,000+ people comprised of many young families (86,000+ young children between the ages of 0-6, Centria’s target demographic). The site was strategically selected by the Tenant based on its specific site selection criteria.

This offering provides investors the exceptional opportunity to acquire a strategic autism therapy facility in the rapidly growing Glendale, AZ market supported by a long-term lease with strong tenancy and attractive 2.50% annual base rent increases.

Bill Honsaker as BOR - Lic #: CO508577000



요청 가격
Cap rate
14 년
건물 면적 순
1,236 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

  • Centria Autism has been a growing leading provider of ABA therapy for over 13 years with 26+ locations across 13 states and plans to grow significantly over the coming 5 years
  • Greater Phoenix MSA has experienced #1 largest population growth in the U.S. over the last decade and boasts a top ranked style of life that continues to attract families
  • Purpose-built site strategically located based on Tenant's target surrounding demographics & proximity to other ABA therapy providers
  • Long-term committed Tenant executed 14-Yr absolute net lease with desirable 2.50% annual rent escalators and no landlord responsibilities
  • Glendale is the 5th largest city in AZ with a population of 250K+ & less than 20-minutes to Phoenix
  • One of the most dynamic sports & entertainment districts in the country accommodating NFL, NHL & MLB championship tournaments and a constant flow of tourism

Centria - Glendale, AZ  4_판매용 부동산
Centria - Glendale, AZ  4_판매용 부동산

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