212 Milam_판매용 부동산
212 Milam_판매용 부동산
212 Milam St, Houston, TX, 77002-1617, US

212 Milam

자산 설명

Consisting of a full city block, the property is located in an Opportunity Zone at the north end of Houston’s Central Business District with unobstructed views across north, west, and east Houston. The site is being offered for sale or on a ground lease structure (seller financing will also be considered). The property is a premier CBD development opportunity with excellent ingress/egress. Its irreplaceable location will allow the future development on the site to be highly visible and a prominent addition to the downtown skyline.



토지 면적 순
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투자 하이라이트

Unmatched view corridors to the north, west, and east

• Year round live-work-play amenities

• Surrounded by some of Houston’s premier multi-family and entertainment locations such as Market Square Tower, Market Square Park, and the Lyric Market Food Hall

• Immediate and convenient ingress and egress to all major thoroughfares connecting to the CBD as well as direct access to IH-10 West and IH-45 North

• The Property is located on Houston’s premier hike and bike trail that runs along Buffalo Bayou and up to the Heights

• Across the street from historic Market Square Park, a popular destination comprised of some of Houston’s most popular eateries and entertainment venues

• Within the Theater District, which encompasses nine renowned performing arts organizations in a variety of venues

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212 Milam (0 부동산)
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