673 St Nicholas Avenue_판매용 부동산
673 St Nicholas Avenue_판매용 부동산
673 St Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY, 10030, US

673 St Nicholas Avenue

자산 설명

Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”) has been exclusively retained to sell the fee simple interest of 673 St. Nicholas Avenue (“The Site”), an exceptional development opportunity located in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan. The Site is located on the west side of St. Nicholas Avenue between West 141st and West 145th Streets and contains roughly 228’ of frontage along the Avenue. Currently, the 19,057 SF irregularly shaped lot is improved by a 2-story parking garage that measures approximately 38,000 GSF.

The site is situated in R7A zoning district which grants an as-of-right FAR of 4.0 for both residential and community facility. Given the 19,057 square foot lot, this translates to 76,228 of zoning floor area (“ZFA”) as-of-right. Additionally, the site qualifies for the “FRESH” program which directly supports the development and retention of accessible food stores. Due to this program, a developer could capitalize on an additional 20,000 ZFA, amounting to a maximum ZFA of 96,228.



토지 총면적
1,770.45 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

  • Significant Light & Air
  • Qualifies for the FRESH Program
  • Excellent Accessibility
  • Flexible Zoning
  • Non-Conforming Commercial Property

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