41 East 62nd Street_판매용 부동산
41 East 62nd Street_판매용 부동산
East 62nd Street, New York, NY, 10065, US

41 East 62nd Street

자산 설명


41 East 62nd Street was originally built as a stable for Elbridge T. Gerry, a prominent lawyer whose mansion was located on Fifth Avenue and 60th Street. Alfred Zucker, the original architect for the property, constructed a three-story stable with a remarkably sophisticated façade that married neo-Tudor and Gothic Revival elements. The distinguished façade we now see was the result of an alteration in 1946. It is constructed of red brick laid in English bond with a recessed doorway at the east end of the property. Iron railings and stone lintels adorn the second-floor windows, while balustrades are set below the front slate mansard roof on the fourth floor where dormer windows were planned to be installed plus a setback fifth floor.

The lot is approximately 35’ x 100’ with the building built 70’ deep. The property consists of approximately 16,000 square feet spanning five floors plus a full basement. Currently the remaining 35’ x 30’ two-story space in the rear is enclosed with a glass roof and was used as a community facility.

The floors are generally finished as white box, with open layouts. Up to 5,900 square feet may be allocated for commercial/office space use with the remaining square footage used as residential and/or community facility. For those interested in strictly residential use, it can easily be converted into a single-family mansion with space to house all the requisite modern luxuries and amenities. It is also ideal for a foundation, an embassy or consulate, or live/work situation with gallery/studio or private family office below. A commercial elevator services all floors, and an open staircase runs through the entire building. 



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1,486 제곱미터
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325.16 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

41 East 62nd Street may be purchased individually or with 35 East 62nd Street, a 40-foot wide, 25,000 sq. ft. commercial office building, which may be used “as is” or converted to residential or mixed use as well.

When combined the two offer otherwise impossible to find opportunities to create:

Option 1:

A grand residence with an adjoining amenity building that includes a basketball court, spa, fitness room, swimming pool, guest suites, and separate staff and security residences.

Option 2:

A grand residence with an adjoining legal family office or foundation, gallery, guest suites plus staff and security quarters.

Option 3:

Multiple-unit family compound with adjoining family office/foundation/ gallery and amenity building.

Option 4:

Modern fully immersive luxury office “experience” building complete with private spa and wholeness floor, fitness and sports facilities, lounge areas, private bar, private ballrooms for special events, theater for launches and presentations, and residences that can be used by executives and staff.

The once in a lifetime opportunity to combine two buildings of this prominence would result in an unprecedented 75’ on East 62nd Street and approximately 40,000 of interior square footage set on lots 100’ deep with South-facing facades. The possibilities are simply endless.

41 East 62nd Street 4_판매용 부동산
41 East 62nd Street 4_판매용 부동산

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