815 NE Davis_판매용 부동산
815 NE Davis_판매용 부동산
815 NE Davis St, Portland, OR, 97232-2964, US

815 NE Davis

자산 설명

JLL Capital Markets, as exclusive advisor, is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire the 100% fee simple interest in 815 NE Davis (the “Property”) a four-story, 49,628 square foot office building situated on a 0.92-acre parcel. The offering includes a second 0.34-acre parcel, currently used as surface parking, which is located directly to the west of the Property. 

The Property can be easily transformed to meet the needs of an owner-user or configured for multiple tenants who want flexible build-out options. The Property features parking comparable to suburban offices despite its urban infill location—making this an outlier for the competitive set. Located within a designated Opportunity Zone, investors and owner-users alike will be able to take advantage of the Federal program that incentivizes major core and shell renovation projects through capital gains deferral.



요청 가격
리노베이션 년도
건물 면적 순
4,611 제곱미터
토지 면적 순
0.37 헥타르
층 수
4 층
주차 공간


투자 하이라이트

  • Outstanding location within the central city
  • Favorable accessibility
  • Exceptional value-add opportunity
  • Urban location with suburban conveniences
  • Repositioning potential
  • Discount to replacement costs
  • Optionality for owner-users
  • Tax-advantaged investment
815 NE Davis 4_판매용 부동산
815 NE Davis 4_판매용 부동산

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