Little York Plaza_판매용 부동산
Little York Plaza_판매용 부동산
Little York Road 1409, Houston, TX, 77093, US

Little York Plaza

자산 설명

JLL is pleased to present Little York Plaza, a 114,982-grocery anchored asset in the Near North submarket of Houston. The Property is located immediately along Hardy Toll Rd (41,370 VPD) and Little York Rd (25,261 VPD) in a heavily underserved retail submarket. Little York presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on significantly below-market rents (23% below market averages) on an asset with 16+ years of weighted average tenure. The Property is positioned to capture the growth of the Hardy Acres submarket, a thriving and developing community that has seen recent growth.  



건물 면적 순
10,682 제곱미터
토지 총면적
4.63 헥타르
주차 공간


투자 하이라이트

  • Significant growth potential via 23.3% mark-to-market opportunity
  • Hispanic grocer anchor with 30+ years of tenure, acquired by the La Michoacana Brand
  • Diverse tenant mix tailored to serve the immediate population
  • Potential for additional upside through pad site development

Little York Plaza 4_판매용 부동산
Little York Plaza 4_판매용 부동산

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