Jubilee_Property for Sale
Jubilee_Property for Sale
3940 Luther Fowler Road, Pace, FL, 32571, US


Asset Description

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. (JLL) has been retained by Jubilee Development Group, LLC (“Owner”) as the exclusive capital markets real estate advisor to market the Property or portions of the Property for i) the acquisition and/or near-term development of the Property or ii) entering into a strategic partnership, joint venture, or collaborative arrangement with Jubilee Development Group to co develop the Property, or portions thereof, or iii) some combination of both i) and ii).

Project Jubilee, a +/- 2,718 acre, master planned community is located in Pace, FL - Pensacola MSA. Envisioned as an all-inclusive master planned community, Project Jubilee is undergoing approvals for 8,000 residential units, 127 acres of mixed-use development pads, and 54 acres of commercial pads. Flexible TC-1 zoning allows for development to be organized into transects, from single family residential subdivisions to high density mixed-use town centers. Project Jubilee is designed to be a walkable, mixed use haven that builds a distinct sense of community around mixed-use town centers, which are located at 2 major focal points in the masterplan. Jubilee is expected to be fully entitled with TC-1 zoning by Q4 2023.

Located in Santa Rosa County, the project is an unprecedented bulk offering that’s designed to absorb the tremendous population growth that’s expected to take place between now and 2028. Over the next 5 years, an estimated 36,000 new residents are expected to move into the Pensacola MSA. Project Jubilee will likely absorb a significant portion, as home buyers and renters are looking to settle into exceptionally designed and highly amenitized master planned communities, which Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle currently lack compared to other markets in the Sunshine state. With over a thousand acres set aside for parks, conservation, and amenities, Project Jubilee is designed to weave the Panhandle’s lush natural setting into the daily lives of residents, producing an unrivaled live-work-play experience.



Land area net
1,099.94 ha (10,999,356 m²)


Investment Highlights

Generational Development Opportunity: At 2,718 acres and 8,000 units, in addition to acres of mixed-use and commercial space, Jubilee is an unprecedented bulk offering that’s unique in the Florida Panhandle.

Extremely Flexible Zoning: The property will be fully zoned for TC-1 (Town center zoning). In November, which permits a wide variety of uses and allows for clustered, high density, mixed-use development as well as single family subdivisions.

Reduced Horizontal Development Costs through Public Bonds: Jubilee is currently undergoing Florida CDD approval, which can reduce horizontal costs up

to 60%.

Ideally Situated in an Extraordinary Growth Market: The Pensacola MSA is expected to grow by over 36,000 people over the next 5 years, resulting

in a need for 13,900 units of housing to remain adequately supplied

Ability to Achieve the Highest Possible Value Through Thoughtful Land Planning: The residential real estate market in Florida is defined by successful master planned communities. Each of these adheres to a specific development vision. With expert

land planning in place and top tier amenities, Project Jubilee is positioned to outperform non-master planned developments in the area.

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