Building for Sale at Kemang

Jl. Kemang I No 12, Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, 12730, ID

Building for Sale at Kemang_Immobilie zu verkaufen


Building for Sale at Kemang 2_Immobilie zu verkaufen


This property is strategically located at the main road in Kemang area, one of the most prime for residential and commercial area in Jakarta. Designed with lots of open and green spaces allowing the employees to have flexibility and collaborative working style. It is a great opportunity to acquire stand alone building with adequate parking space.


Building Area
1.044 m²


  • A rare opportunity to acquire a stand-alone property with basement in Kemang.
  • Surrounded by many restaurants, café, shopping mall, hotels, and apartments. 
  • Suitable for private office who is looking for lots of open space and collaborative working styles
  • Great visibility from the main road

Building for Sale at Kemang 4_Immobilie zu verkaufen
Building for Sale at Kemang 4_Immobilie zu verkaufen

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