Air Methods_판매용 부동산
Air Methods_판매용 부동산
7211, 7221, 7301 S Peoria St, Englewood, CO, 80112-4199, US

Air Methods

자산 설명

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. (“JLL”) is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire 7211, 7221, and 7301 S Peoria St, which consists of 65K SF of hangar space and 48K SF of office space situated directly on the north end of the Centennial Airport runway. Air Methods Corporation, the owner, is willing to sign a five (5) year sale leaseback with a five-year option of the entire property. The ground lease recently extended 15 years for a total of 36 years remaining on the lease.



건물 총면적
10,518 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

  • Opportunity to control 113K SF of hangar and office space in the supply constrained Centennial Airport
  • Irreplaceable location on the north end of the Centennial Airport runway
  • 2nd busiest general aviation airport in the U.S., averaging 1,000 takeoffs and landings per day
  • 5-year sale leaseback opportunity from Air Methods Corporation with a 5-year option
  • 36 years of term remaining on a ground lease with the Arapahoe County Public Authority
  • Located in a highly connected and amenity-rich market

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