Custom Glass Solutions _판매용 부동산
Custom Glass Solutions _판매용 부동산
12688 Oh-67, Upper Sandusky, OH, 43351, US

Custom Glass Solutions

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Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), as exclusive advisor to Custom Glass Solutions LLC (the “Tenant” or “CGS”), is pleased to offer the fee simple interest in the firm’s 351,938 square foot manufacturing plant located at 12688 State Route OH-67 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio (the “Offering” or “Property”). Boasting nearly 50 years of operational history within the facility, Custom Glass is the leading producer of large format, laminated glass in North America producing more than 50,000 units per month earning revenues north of $155.2 million in 2023. As the stronghold of the Company’s operations, the Offering is the largest Custom Glass footprint by employees and square footage. Furthering its mission criticality, CGS has heavily invested to outfit the plant with specialized equipment required to perform its manufacturing, R&D, shaping, and testing operations. The plant’s importance to the leading glass provider is evidenced by its proposed 20 year commitment to the Property, which is secured by Custom Glass’ impressive financial profile and high bolt-down costs associated with the construction and continued operation of its prominent production plant.

  • Completed as a Build-to-Suit in 1974, Custom Glass populated the mission-critical plant with heavy bolt-down glass manufacturing equipment to serve their distribution, shaping, and testing operations.

  • As an industry-leading glass producer, Custom Glass earned $17.2 million in 2023 Adj. EBITDA which was fueled by providing laminated and tempered glass for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Since 2018, CGS has demonstrated an aggressive growth trajectory by adding three (3) new manufacturing plants while diversifying its production line by offering armored and fabrication glass products.

  • Future ownership will enter a lease with growing cash flow and future yield-enhancement potential via Custom Glass’ desire to have an expansion option within the term structure.


건물 총면적
32,696 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

  • Heart of America's Manufacturing Center

  • Tenant's Diverse Profile with Growth Trajectory

  • Mission-Critical, Build-to-Suit Facility

  • Long-Term, Absolute Net Lease

  • Significant Bolt-Down Investments
Custom Glass Solutions  4_판매용 부동산
Custom Glass Solutions  4_판매용 부동산

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