Conveys Dairy_판매용 부동산
Conveys Dairy_판매용 부동산
Addresses Upon Request, Simpson, VIC, 3266, AU

Conveys Dairy

자산 설명

For Sale – Expression of Interest

JLL Agribusiness is pleased to present for sale Conveys Dairy (the Property), an exceptional dairy holding with outstanding operational infrastructure, located in one of Australia’s first-class dairy regions. The Property represents the combination of two properties strategically acquired to form a single large-scale dairy platform.

Conveys Dairy is offered for sale by Expressions of Interest. Please do not hesitate to contact the agents to discuss the opportunity or request further information.




토지 총면적
423.3 헥타르


투자 하이라이트

  • Total land area of 423.30* hectares (1,045.97* acres) that has been highly developed for dairying purposes to represent a large-scale, turnkey dairy operation.
  • Estimated milking capacity of circa 750 cows, underpinned by a range of key operational infrastructure, including a 60-bale rotary supported by two 10,000-litre vats as well as DeLaval plant and Delpro monitoring systems, a large purpose-built calf shed (recently constructed), and additional machinery and storage shedding.
  • Significant capital investment deployed in recent years focusing on operational efficiency by way of property integration works, as well as enhancing productive capacity through pasture renovation (perennial rye and clover-based pastures).
  • Quality structural improvements, including two single story residences each comprising recently renovated kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and carpets.
  • Strategically located in South-West Victoria, one of Australia’s premium dairy regions characterised by favourable climate, reliable 989mm annual rainfall (BOM Simpson South), and rich land and soil types underpinning consistent pasture production.
  • Benefitted by a comprehensive range of nearby agricultural (notably dairy) based infrastructure, including multiple processors, saleyards, and exports channels, as well as more general agricultural amenity in Colac (within 50 lineal kilometres) and Warrnambool (within 63 lineal kilometres).
Conveys Dairy 4_판매용 부동산
Conveys Dairy 4_판매용 부동산

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