Menara Pertiwi_판매용 부동산
Menara Pertiwi_판매용 부동산
Jln. Kuningan Barat, Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, 12710, ID

Menara Pertiwi

자산 설명

Menara Pertiwi is a strata title office building with grade A and located in the heart of Mega Kuningan area. Completed in 2017, this modern office building is in a popular commercial area known as the "Golden Triangle" in the central CBD area of Jakarta. Menara Pertiwi consists of 34 floors and 8 floors of parking podiums. Menara Pertiwi can be accesible from various protocol roads such as Jalan Gatot Subroto, Dr. Satrio, and HR Rasuna Said. 

Mega Kuningan area has a good infrastructure and makes walking to and from the residential area and commercial buildings relatively easy and so as multiple office towers, condominiums, five star hotels (JW Marriot, Ritz Carlton, Ascott), embassies, and also shopping malls (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan City) which are scattered around Mega Kuningan and they are all can be reached in a walking distance. The closest MRT station is in Bendungan Hilir where is two kilometers away and only takes fifteen minutes walk to go to Rasuna said area from Mega Kuningan.



건물 총면적
45,656 제곱미터
토지 총면적
7,503 제곱미터


투자 하이라이트

·        Developed by reputable developer, PT. Wiratara Prima.

·        Grade A strata title office building and consists of 34 floors and 8 floor of parking podium

·        Located in the heart of Mega Kuningan area which known as the "Golden Triangle" - the CBD of Jakarta.

·        Accessible from various protocol roads such as Jalan Gatot Subroto, DR. Satrio, and HR Rasuna said

Menara Pertiwi 4_판매용 부동산

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