Project Ombu - EA Sports HQ in Spain_판매용 부동산
Project Ombu - EA Sports HQ in Spain_판매용 부동산
Calle del Ombú 6, Madrid, Madrid, 28045, ES

Project Ombu - EA Sports HQ in Spain

자산 설명

Ombú, located in the Méndez Álvaro district of Madrid, stands as a testament to the transformative power of regeneration. Originally constructed in the early 20th century as a Gasworks Factory, the building fell into disuse and faced demolition. However, in 2017, it was acquired by Acciona and underwent a comprehensive rehabilitation led by the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners.

The rehabilitation project sought to preserve the building's historical heritage while adapting it to modern needs. The original brick façade was restored, and a new timber structure was inserted within the existing shell. This innovative design not only provides flexible office space but also showcases the building's industrial past.

Ombú is more than just a striking example of adaptive reuse. It is also a catalyst for the regeneration of the Méndez Álvaro district. The project has created new jobs and opportunities, and it has helped to improve the air quality and green space in the area.

The building is a powerful symbol of how thoughtful design and careful planning can transform a neglected area into a thriving community. It is a testament to the power of regeneration and a source of inspiration for future projects.



건물 등급
Trophy / Premium
투자 전략
건물 면적 순
14,075 제곱미터
8.8 년
남은 임대 기간
24 년
Grade A
리노베이션 년도


투자 하이라이트

  • Landmark office building by the architect Norman Foster.
  • Unique office building comprising a total GLA of 14,075 sqm, 12,000 sqm of green areas and 244 parking spaces.
  • The asset consists of two buildings: the main one is of 11,653 sqm and an auxiliary building of 2,422 sqm.
  • Fully let to a blue-chip tenant: EA Sports
  • Secured long-term income stream: 9 years mandatory period plus 3 extensions of 5 years each (10+5+5+5).
  • Opportunity to increase the NOI in the long term by changing the use of the auxiliary building into office use.
  • The property features the highest sustainability and energy efficiency certifications:
  • LEED Platinum
  • Well Platinum
  • Net Zero Carbon (NZEB)
  • Case study building with multiple awards regarding design and sustainability.
  • The asset is a remarkable example of urban revitalization and cutting-edge architectural design.
Project Ombu - EA Sports HQ in Spain 4_판매용 부동산
Project Ombu - EA Sports HQ in Spain 4_판매용 부동산

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